Untitled-1It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Berytech Technological pole.

This guide is designed to help you take full advantage of the services, facilities and opportunities we have placed at your disposal. We are more than ever committed to improving and extending the services available to our entrepreneurs in order to make their stay comfortable and to support them in their business growth.
It is important to realize we are not just maintaining and improving a physical infrastructure for the companies hosted in Berytech. Our challenge is to ensure we engage everyone in our processes, events, forums, networking and opportunities and allow you to use these as a springboard for new business breakthroughs. This will be the most important aspect of how we’ll continue working with the community of Berytech during the coming year.
We greatly value the opinions and suggestions of our tenants as it provides focus for our continuous efforts to offer exceptional entrepreneurial support and hosting services. We encourage you to request assistance and share your views.

Maroun N. Chammas
President & Managing Director

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