Access to International Markets


Berytech facilitates for its entrepreneurs access to international markets through the regional and international networks partnership, established having similar structures and support services.

Access to Europe

Soft-Landing Program

Soft Landing (SL) is a new co-incubation service for innovation led companies who wish to explore new markets offered by EBN Business Innovation Centers (BICs) and other incubators/clusters at a selection of global locations. The Soft Landing Club is a network of business innovation centers and incubators that provide assistance to innovative companies

The main aim of the SL initiative is to offer BICs client companies easy and practical solutions to go international, by providing short business support to those companies with international business development aspirations.

The main objective is to offer companies easy and practical solutions to go international through:

  • Ensuring that businesses entering or expanding into a new country are introduced to that country’s business practices and culture most effectively.
  • Providing additional help to accelerate foreign companies’ learning processes, help them make contacts in the new country, and provide access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.

Core Services include:

1) Logistical Support: e.g. Accommodation Arrangements, Access to Office, IT.
2) Fast Track Access to local business community: e.g. pre-arranged meetings with companies/partners, providing market information and statistics tailored to your business needs, setting up meetings and networking events with your customers, clients or suppliers.
3) Specialized Support: e.g. Meeting with specialized experts, business advisors.


Access to Asia

Actel Consulting

Berytech is also associated with Actel Consulting (, a leading specialist strategy and technology consulting firm operating across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, offering market development opportunities for start-ups and SMEs in Asia, helping to find partners, and services covering Internet and Information Technology, Advanced Network Infrastructure, Emerging Network Services.

Access to US

Plug & Play

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Plug and Play Tech Center is a community of over 350 high tech startup companies across 3 centers in the areas of consumer internet, software, mobile, wireless, gaming, social media and other verticals.

Entrepreneur-centered with strong relationships with over 150 Venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, top multinational technology companies as well as domestic and international universities, Plug and Play Tech Center has become the ultimate place to launch and accelerate promising emerging high-tech companies.

Resources within the Plug and Play ecosystem include:

  • Access to Plug and Play’s extensive network of Venture Capital Groups—including over 150 institutional and corporate VCs
  • Access to over 100 Plug and Play Community events annually;
  • Access to our strategic technology partners—Microsoft, Samsung, PayPal, etc. who provide services, business development and other opportunities;
  • Access to our professional service partners—lawyers, accountants, insurance, human resources, etc. who provide free consultation (office hours) on-site;
  • Access to our Executives in Residence: tenured, seasoned, Valley professionals who lend their efforts to start-ups through entrepreneurship classes and independent engagements;
  • Infrastructure—Full service Office Space, in-house IT services and SAS 70 certified data center on-site

A Lebanese Start-up Acceleration Program is launched at Plug & Play’s main campus in Silicon Valley.

Startups that are jointly selected by Plug & Play and Berytech will take part in a 3-month program designed to provide startups with a structured way of accessing the resources of Silicon Valley and the Plug & Play network.

The program consists of the following component phases:

Phase One- Qualification and Business Review min. 30 days before arrival
Phase Two- Plug and Play University Workshop within 14 days of arrival
Phase Three- Plug and Play Accelerator on-going during program
Phase Four- Plug and Play Investment Forum during 2nd half of program

Plug & Play also holds several major events per year including a quarterly showcase EXPO event as well as events that are industry or sector focused (E.g. Mobile or Smart Grid). Each event draws crowds of over 500 including up to 100 VCs, Corporate and Angel Investors. During the term of the partnership, companies will be eligible to participate in the EXPO in the following ways:

  1. a) Pitch Workshops: Companies will be invited to participate in pitch polishing, feedback and other workshops to refine their presentations and pitches
    b) Company Demos: Companies will be invited to demo their products and services in the exhibition hall during the EXPO event
    c) Company Pitches: Companies will be invited to apply to pitch on-stage during the EXPO event in front of a live audience