Co-working space

Coworking space is an emerging trend bringing together creative talents, aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers to share working experience in an open and collaborative environment.

Berytech created the coworking structure, Berytech Digihive, offering a pleasant environment for young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and create viable business structures.

The space provides a lively platform for members to network, brainstorm and collaborate together around creative ideas while benefiting from Berytech support, networking with community members and experts and taking part in all workshops and events organized.
Members who join Berytech Digihive, become part of the vibrant and growing community of Berytech entrepreneurs getting the chance to turn their ideas into business realities and expand their professional network.

Members get access to their open and furnished working desk since the day they join, with plug and play high tech infrastructure, internet at a very encouraging pricing package. Adding to the above, the meeting areas, a technology lab for design, deployment and assistance in business development.


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