Berytech Introduces Funding Opportunity for Renewable Energy Innovations

Posted on September 30, 2014

Under SHAAMS project and specifically in the scope of the technology transfer and valorization, Berytech took part in a workshop during Beirut Energy Forum, on September 18, exposing its opportunities and support for renewable energies technologies and innovations, through funding and incubation, in a panel entitled “Financing Energy Investments in the MENA Region”.

Berytech was represented by Mr. Paul Chucrallah, Managing Director of Berytech Fund II, who covered strategic market trends in the renewable energy market, including key statistics, rising opportunities and business models, and the type of support provided by the ecosystem for these innovations in addition to the funding mechanism with hands-on examples.


“Earth gets about as much energy in one hour from the sun as it spends in an entire year” declared Mr. Chucrallah, adding “one part of the second Berytech fund will value and support renewable energies focusing on original research and development, innovation adaptation to Lebanese environment” taking as example geothermal & solar energy.
More than 70 stakeholders from the renewable and solar energy ecosystem were present and the workshop was followed by interesting interaction and networking, exploring the potential, synergies and collaboration in this sector.

About Beirut Energy Forum:
Beirut Energy Forum provides a platform for professionals, policymakers, banks, practitioners, donors, academics, and private companies to meet and discuss the latest updates related to the energy sector in Lebanon, the Arab World, and the international scene.

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