Berytech Technology Pole

Despite adverse economic conditions, the ICT sector in Lebanon has been growing at
the rate of 12% per annum. It has thrived on massive availability of qualified human resources and has become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs.

Berytech Technology Pole brings passionate individuals from the fields of research, creativity and technology together, offering a productive environment and opportunities for collaboration and growth at the same location. It aims at nurturing hi-tech companies and helps them commercialize innovative ideas and technologies.

It was established in Mar Roukoz in 2002, next to the engineering faculty of Saint-Joseph University, creating links with university resources, students and experts, designed to encourage the formation and growth of knowledge-based industries and high value-added firms while fostering technology and business skills transfer.

To date, it has succeeded in harboring a vibrant ICT cluster, characterized by start-ups and growing companies in software as well as hardware development featuring high technological content, system integration and implementation, network and telecom engineering, etc. In addition, the site is the official host to the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Lebanon allowing local Internet traffic from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to move through a local bandwidth, at faster speed and at a lower cost for the service providers.

Resident entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs become part of one growing community and benefit from a shared infrastructure, high-tech environment, hosting in advanced office structures, learning environment, customized services, visibility, common spaces and networking in addition to business support programs tailored to their needs, access to funding and expertise.

When joining the pole, a selection process applies to all community members focusing on gathering like-minded people, open for collaboration and presenting viable technology innovations.


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  • 11-7503 Riad el Solh, Beirut 1107 2240 Lebanon