Business Counseling

Any individual, project holder, team or entrepreneur can benefit from some or all of the following services, whether hosted in Berytech or seeking its advisory services:

  • Analysis of project or company strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assistance in defining objectives, strategic positioning and marketing.
  • Assistance in elaboration of key performance indicators.
  • Assistance in setting accounting and management tools.
  • Assistance in developing and implementing the business plan.
  • Advice concerning developmental stages of the company.
  • Networking with relevant authorities, professional chambers, associations and high education establishments.
  • Matching with industrial, financial, scientific or technical partners.
  • Assistance in corporate identity development.
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate promotion and advertising tools.
  • Advice in external communication.
  • Ensuring technology transfer by linking SMEs to centers for technological resources.
  • Supporting the integration of projects in the socio-economic environment.
  • Matching with international partnerships.