Business Advisory

Our team of Business Advisors provides you with tools and strategies to tackle the various aspects of your business idea or growing business and accelerate its growth.

Growth Wheel

Our team of Business Advisors are certified GrowthWheel advisors, GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox that is used by more than 2,000 business advisors around the world to help entrepreneurs make decisions and take action.

Business Advisory Services

Any individual, project holder, team or entrepreneur can benefit from some or all of the following services, whether hosted in Berytech or seeking its business advisory services:

  • Assistance in developing a business idea and value proposition
  • Analysis of a business strengths and weaknesses
  • Assistance in defining objectives, strategic positioning and marketing
  • Assistance in developing a business plan
  • Networking with local stakeholders
  • Matching with international partnerships
  • Matching with industrial, financial, scientific or technical partners

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