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Women’s Entrepreneurship, Unconditional Support

Berytech offers 6 months incubation to the FFE2017 competition winners [caption id="attachment_14658" align="aligncenter" width="607"]

Coding bootcamps : building future-proof skills through rapid skills training

Berytech partnered with World Bank on a local level as part of an international report studying coding bootcamps and their impact. A new kind of rapid skills training program for[...]

5toi: Pilot action to foster sustainable NEXUS Innovation and co-development in the Mediterranean and Africa

  The 5TOI_4EWAS consortium has developed an interesting document about co-develop of actions targeted on specific published in solutions. In an integrated and synergetic way, as NEXUS[...]

5TOI_4EWAS Survey and Interview

5TOI_4EWAS survey on University - Business cooperation in South Mediterranean Neighbourhood

With the aim of enriching our[...]

Berytech brings THE NEXT SOCIETY movement to Lebanon

A successful launch, in Greece, for THE NEXT SOCIETY, a movement gathering entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, public and private innovation stakeholders in Europe and the[...]

What’s cooking on the roof of Berytech Mathaf?

The Greenpeace team, who are part of the Berytech community, have been testing some energy-saving, environmental hacks right over our heads on the roof of Berytech Mathaf. Here are the motives and[...]

Berytech & Michel Issa Foundation Sign MOU to create a Business Innovation Center in Amchit   With the aim of contributing to the economic development and bringing high value and high impact to the Kesserwan, Jbeil and Northern Kazas, Berytech,[...]

USJ: Entrepreneurship in the spotlights

USJ: Entrepreneurship in the spotlights The Career and Placement Office of the University of Saint-Joseph organized the “USJ Entrepreneurship Awards 2017” competition, in[...]

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