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“Build your private Cloud!”

BPS is an innovative technology consulting company providing solutions and services aiming towards helping businesses enhance their performance. We advise both enterprises and service providers ranging from the Levant to North Africa, including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

BPS performs strategic IT business consulting, technology business solutions, and their related support to large/medium enterprises and to the public sector.
Focused and committed on developing companies core competencies in the area of business process management, customer relationship management, corporate portals and other; we have the ability to solve business problems, provide analysis, automation recommendations and adapt systems to people in the enterprise.
Our implementations aligns companies towards real-time business with a drive & objective to achieve results; results focused to enable businesses to operate in real time, to deliver business process improvement, to become more cost-effective, more agile, improve customer service, build their competitive advantage, be more efficient and focus on their revenue, profit, key performances and their need to manage change.