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Cloud Communications & Computing Corporation

Cloud Communications & Computing Corp. is a Global VoIP Solution Provider covering the telecommunication needs of individuals and businesses in addition to service providers and local resellers.

Our mission is to become the Cloud Telephony Solution Provider for all making it easy and affordable to anyone anywhere to communicate overriding the national or local traditional telecom operator.

Our main goal is to provide advanced and affordable communications solutions to individuals, other VoIP players and companies worldwide while transgressing boundaries and artificial barriers. In other terms, we aim to reach everyone on the cloud and giving them the possibility to communicate easily and inexpensively while using our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform on the Cloud.


Thanks to the unique capabilities of our SaaS Telecommunications platform coupled with the flexible apps architecture, we are able to cater for individual users with SoftCall, offer white label (OEM) billing and switching solutions to resellers through DialNeo, provide bulk airtime (wholesale minutes) with CallBox and finally cater for SoHo, SME and Corporations by offering hosted IP PBX solutions with Foneo.


  • Fouad-Emmanuel Yazbeck
  • Founder of Cloud Communications & Computing Corporation