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Ebizproduction is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of solutions in the web development and web marketing areas. The company is based in Beirut – Lebanon and Marseilles – France and has sales activities in Europe and the Middle East.

Ebizproduction mainly works for online publishers, companies and organizations with large web concerns such as e-commerce
sites, online media, communities and public institutions. Our diverse areas of competence allow us to oversee web-based
projects throughout their life cycle.

In 2009 Ebizproduction launched as a commercial brand to introduce and market its Drupal expertise on the
French market.

We then moved on to join forces with, a “hyperlocal news lab”. Yakwala’s “geolook” platform allows for a new
approach in the mix between co-created information, local communities engagement and (mainly open) data.

Today, we serve our clients by advising them on their editorial projects, by developing Drupal-based solutions and data-oriented architectures.


  • Yann Rotil
  • Managing Partner at Ebiz Production