Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award

The Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award is a program conceived to stimulate, recognize and reward groundbreaking technology innovation and excellence in sports. On a yearly basis, and for the next ten years, Maroun N. Chammas has committed the following funding for the program:

  • US$50,000 for the award to recognize and reward excellence in technology innovation. Mr. Chammas has also committed to personally mentoring and coaching the winners.
  • US$25,000 for the award to recognize and reward excellence in sporting accomplishments

Program Timeline

  • December 11, 2018: applications deadline
  • January 2018: evaluation and shortlisting
  • February 2018: judging day and final VIP dinner during which the winners will be recognized and rewarded.


Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award for Technology Innovation

The Award aims to encourage, recognize and reward people who have truly created groundbreaking products using technology as a foundation. The award aims to also solicit submissions of leading technology innovation, from individuals or companies, whereby their efforts have been realized into, ideally a product that is in market, which has customers. Participants and partners would aim to create economic growth in Lebanon by incorporating companies, creating jobs, creating manufacturing infrastructure, services and other vehicles.

Application Criteria

The submissions for the program must be:

  • products and innovations that are in market that have real customers or a working prototype with a clear plan to go to market; and
  • products and innovations that hit an intersection of a specific technology area and a market segment (see below).
  • The candidates must to be Lebanese and residing in Lebanon.

Technology Focus area

The following technology areas are identified as areas of focus by the Award team, which would form the basis for shortlisting: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning; Virtual and Augmented Reality; 3D Printing; Cloud Computing, SaaS/PaaS; Bots; Robots; Blockchain; Implantables; Genetic Modification; Renewable Energy; Cybersecurity; Internet of Things (IOT); Quantum Computing; Video / Display Technology; Audio Technology

Market Segments

Innovations and products using these technologies should address one of the following market segments which are identified as focus market segments by the Award team: Mobility – Devices, Content, Advertising; Connected Consumer Electronics; Accessories; Gaming; Healthcare; Automotive; Wearables.

All shortlisted participants must attend the judging day and present their product or working prototypes to the judges. Winners of this category will be personally mentored by Maroun N. Chammas.

Submission Procedure

Candidates wishing to submit their application for the Recognition Award in Technology Innovation are required to

  • complete the application form online while following the application criteria before December 11, 2018;
  • submit a 1-minute video about their tech innovation as well as their business plan; and
  • submit an elevator pitch before the judging day.


Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award for Sports Excellence

The Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award for Sports Excellence aims to be in harmony with the Olympic values Excellence, Friendship and Respect. The Olympic Games being the ultimate sports event worldwide, Maroun N. Chammas hopes to assist a Lebanese athlete reach his or her full potential and not only represent Lebanon at international competitions but ultimately at the Games as well. The Award for Sports Excellence is under the auspices of the Lebanese Olympic Committee and the Lebanese Sports Federations for Taekwondo, Fencing and Swimming. The candidates must be affiliated to one of the federations to be able to apply.

Application Criteria

Applicants to the Sports Excellence Award need to:

  • Be athletes in one of the following sports: Taekwondo, Fencing or Swimming;
  • Be between the ages of 15 and 18;
  • Demonstrate individual social behavior in line with the fundamentals of Olympism; and
  • be Lebanese and resident in Lebanon.

Submission Procedure

  • Complete the application form online while following the application criteria before December 11, 2018.
  • Candidates must submit a medical report
  • Results of local and international competitions endorsed by the respective Federation. Letterhead of the federation signed by the Secretary General of the Federation and stamped.
  • Candidates must submit a 1-minute video about the dreams they would like to achieve in their sport

Selection Process

  • Up to 18 candidates will be shortlisted based on the criteria above (6 candidates for each sport)
  • The Selection Committee will then choose 6 finalists who will pitch in front of the judges’ panel (2 from each sport)
  • All finalists must attend the judging day and present their case to the judges.

Judging and the final VIP dinner

The finalists of each category will be evaluated by a judging panel consisting of prominent Lebanese business men and women as well as renowned sports figures. The results will be announced during a VIP dinner held in February 2018. The awards will be given during the evening.

Learn more and apply

To find out more and apply, please check the Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award website.