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Berytech honors Henri Asseily, founder of Shopzilla. Print
Image On January 30th, Berytech hosted a lunch debate in honor of Mr. Henri Asseily, co-founder of Shopzilla, a leading online comparison shopping service which was acquired in 2005 by Scripps for over $500M.

During the session, the guest of honor had the chance to meet many of Berytech’s entrepreneurs and an animated discussion ensued. Asseily stressed that investment in technology is all about people, since everything else (hardware, software, etc.) has become a commodity. “The industry has witnessed huge productivity gains in brainless processes;” he said, “the only jobs that are still out there are the ones that need brains. International companies will leave no rock unturned in Africa, the Middle-East or Asia, until they find this person who will make a difference.”


As chief technology officer and co-founder of BizRate.com and Shopzilla, Henri Asseily developed new Internet technologies and managed the company's data gathering, analysis, and reporting strategy. In addition, he oversaw the data systems and automation divisions.

Today, Asseily is based in Lebanon, where he is actively pursuing his interests in international cutting edge technological ventures.


Upon the conclusion of his visit, Asseily expressed hope that Lebanon will soon rise from the ashes of violence, and the creative Lebanese spirit of Entrepreneurship will be burning brightly. “Thanks to Berytech for keeping the flame lit”, he concluded.




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