Faro Loan

FARO-A Bridge Not Far

FARO (“Fonds d’amorçage de réalisation et d’orientation”) is a financial support fund intended to help entrepreneurs turn their innovative streaks into competitive advantage. FARO was established by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, with the support of Berytech and other reputable institutions, to promote the competitiveness of private enterprise in Lebanon.
FARO supports entrepreneurs who plan to introduce or have:
• an innovative product or service
• an innovative way to deliver a product or service
• an innovative business model
• at least one European or Mediterranean partner to realize your project

• FARO will bridge your financing gap, offering innovative companies loans up to 20,000$ at a maximum of 1% interest, along with subsidized technical support for business development and financial expertise.
• Repayment schedules stretch up to 3 years to blend with company plans and financials.