Innovation Management


Berytech introduced an innovation management program in partnership with IMP³rove Euromed, financed by the European Commission under the Euromed initiative, which consists of delivering a series of support services and hands-on tools aimed at improving innovation management capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises on a national and international basis. This program identifies and targets companies with high growth potential, increasing their potential and value in the market.

IMP³rove is a unique approach to improving innovation management performance with sustainable impact. IMP³rove provides answers to the most important question of SMEs-how to secure the company’s future growth?

Innovation Management support services include:

  • Innovation Management Assessment providing insights in the SME’s competitive position based on international benchmarks
  • Innovation Management consulting to SMEs in order to improve their competitive position
  • Innovation Management audits showing the further business potential from improved Innovation Management
  • Increasing the value of a financial actor’s portfolio of companies

Our pool of innovation management consultants who are certified IMP³rove Guides will:

  • Provide services to support enterprises on innovation management issues
  • Improve the innovation management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by conducting an assessment that will benchmark the SME against other players in the same industry
  • Help in generating a 100-page report that will analyze in detail the performance of the SME’s business with regard to innovation

The innovation management assessment is very important for several stakeholders:

  • For SMEs: improve their innovation management performance for sustainable growth
  • For Innovation Management Consultants: improve their services for SMEs and gain a competitive service offering
  • For intermediaries: increase the effectiveness of publicly funded innovation support programs
  • For financial investors: increase the transparency on innovation performance