Cluster Officer-Agri-Food Innovation Cluster

Posted on April 12, 2018


Berytech is looking to hire a Cluster Officer for The Agrytech Program.

As Cluster Officer , you will oversee the launch of the Lebanese Agri-food Innovation Cluster supporting food, agricultural and related companies through an active business platform for its members. The Cluster will be targeted at strengthening the capabilities of its members by integrating innovative tools, solutions and products and promoting Lebanese Agri-food sector abroad. Although collaboration with both universities and government is crucial for its eventual success, the cluster acts clearly as a business-driven initiative.


The Cluster Officer ’s responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting with Berytech (initially) and the selected Board on setting up the strategy and structure of the Cluster, and building a long-term sustainability model
  • Organizing fundraising and other activities to sustain the organization
  • Working with different stakeholders into understanding the needs and opportunities of the Cluster. This will be done through surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, etc.
  • Contacting potential members and gaining their adherence to the cluster
  • Setting up an on-line database for the cluster members
  • Conducting Cluster activities as listed below
  • Ensuing the Cluster becomes self-sustainable within two years


Upon launch, the Cluster Officer will also be responsible for fulfilling the objectives and activities of the cluster which are to: 

  • Improve cooperation between member companies, local universities and innovation stakeholders
  • Open up new markets in and outside Lebanon in food, agriculture and related sectors or Cluster members
  • Create joint marketing campaigns to increase visibility of the Cluster
  • Establish a national and international communications network
  • Contribute to the continuous training of professionals in innovation and internationalization (technical and management)
  • Acquire and implement joint projects for the Cluster members to cooperate on, including on large projects funded by international donors as the EU, USAID and others.
  • Provide of specialized Cluster services to members
  • Generate economies of scale and synergy effects through cooperation between Cluster members


Outside the framework of the Cluster, you are also an acting member of the Berytech group of organizations and therefore you are expected to: 

  • Act as ambassador to the organization
  • Participate in Berytech-related events and networking opportunities when called upon
  • Advise and assist entrepreneurs within the scope of your expertise and capacities
  • Assist in tasks required from you by the organization


The cluster Officer we’re looking for:

  • Understands the way both smaller and bigger companies work and is able to connect and align them;
  • Has a clear vision on what the role of universities and government can be in such a cluster, but always acts from the needs of companies as a starting-point;
  • Is able to gain the trust of cluster stakeholders and build trust within the cluster;
  • Builds the face-to-face connections across the cluster; building the cluster’s eco system and increases the intensity of interactions within the cluster;
  • Moves from a clump of isolated firms, confident in exploring new areas for collaboration; building joint action, business networks and consortia;
  • Acts as a natural networker, a broker, a consensus builder, a bridge builder across the cluster
  • Is well connected within their cluster (though not necessarily from Day One) and beyond and is able to draw in resources, knowledge, connections to support the cluster; is aggressive in identifying new business opportunities;
  • Comfortable in leading from behind, able to empower others, not seeking glory;
  • Is transparent in terms of strategy, yet able to hold confidences.
  • Is active at the cluster’s periphery … where disruptions start.
  • Has no vested interest in the cluster.



  • Maximum of 5 years of relevant experience in managing/coordinating projects or operation of clusters, cooperatives or NGO-
  • Experience of managing and integrating tactics and operation
  • Experience within the commercial sector
  • Problem solving skills
  • Commercial acumen and Proven negotiating skills
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks
  • Ability to work in matrix environment
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural and cross-functional environment, strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to deliver efficient operational procurement in a challenging environment
  • Ability to synthesis and analyze complex data

If you feel that you fit the profile, please send you cv to 

About Berytech

The Agrytech Program, co-funded by Berytech and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, aims to source the top startups with disruptive innovations in the Agri-Food sector and provide them with the adequate technical and business resources as well as community support to scale their ideas into successful businesses with global impact.