Planet NI


Berytech partnered with National Instrument providing a platform for its SMEs to test their ideas and develop prototype using NI technologies.
National Instruments provides engineers and scientists with an integrated software and hardware platform that accelerates the design and implementation of any system that needs measurement and control.
Planet NI is a National Instruments program designed to empower engineers in emerging countries to achieve sustainable prosperity by providing increased access to NI technology.
The SME (Small & Medium Business Enterprises) Benefit Program derived from Planet NI aims at helping SMEs grow faster and achieve economic prosperity by providing increased affordability to NI’s Technology and easy access to NI’s Training and Support.
The program benefits include:
• Access to advanced NI Technology
• Enhanced productivity, reduced development time and improved Return-on-Investment
• Access to our world-class training and certification programs
• Greater visibility and credibility in the technology market space
• Access to the worldwide NI partner and customer network
• Sales and Marketing support from NI
• Listing on
The SME Benefit Program can be offered under the following conditions:
• SME that works on products and services for the better of the community
• has a thorough business plan
• shows potential to grow as evaluated during interaction
• has a technology bent of work where our tools could be successfully applied
• and has interest in NI’s technology
• but is unable to afford NI’s products due to the pricing
The below information is needed to check if the company is a qualifier to the Planet NI SME program:
• Company Turnover
• Type of Business and Experience
• Business Area
• Project Details
• Number of employees
• Budget
• Previous knowledge of NI
• Additional support from third party organizations/programs

The application form is found at:
For more information please visit Planet NI or contact Zeina El Mouallem at