Successful Sales Tips From Samir Zehil

Posted on April 21, 2016



Samir Zehil is the founder & owner of Wydner Coaches in Lebanon, Sweden & the USA. He is specialized in coaching & negotiations from Harvard University and has motivated live 56700 people to date. Berytech has partnered with Wydner coaches to deliver a series of workshops in sales, negotiation, time management, etc…

In his training the ‘Big Kahuna’, Samir promises to deliver an intensive overview of sales essentials.

On Monday, April 11, 2015, Mr. Zehil delivered his workshop at Berytech Digital Park in his usual high energy and good humor offering his eager audience game-changing sales tips.

According to statistics, sales professional are the least prone to depression due to their adaptability to ups and downs, rejections and successes. The pillars for a successful sales encounters that Mr. Zehil emphasizes are:
– Taking notes: People will open up when they see that you are interested enough with their ideas and thoughts, and you will remember more things when you write them down.
– Listening without judging: We’re human. We all have our misjudgments and mistakes. When a client or even your own friend or daughter confides something to you, your response should always be: ‘What did you learn and how can I help you?’ in order to maintain their trust.
– Finishing off other people’s sentences: Don’t do it.
– No distractions: keep your phone away! You have a little time to pitch to your client and you want both your attentions uninterrupted.
– Always ask for permission before answering the phone: it is the biggest sign of respect.
– Always use listening noises: Make sure to acknowledge that you are listening to the person you are with.

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