The Beirut Creative Cluster Brings Design & Tech Meetup to Beirut

Posted on June 7, 2016

On June 2nd, Beirut Creative Cluster organized the first Beirut Design & Tech meetup at BDD 1075.
Based on the New York Tech Meetup, it consists of 5 live demos of new tech products and design work made in Beirut, followed by an afterparty where designers and tech developers get to build their professional networks.
Demo’es are a walkthrough of a live product (no powerpoint). And each is followed by Q&A with the makers where the audience can ask anything except one question: “So how do you make money?”
Encouraged by the warm reception of the first meetup, the cluster plans to make it a regular event.
Here’s the lineup of the 5 companies and projects that demo’ed in the first Beirut Design & Tech Meetup:
Saily, the second-hand marketplace app:
Visit their website:
Sorted, the free and addictive garbage-sorting game!
Connect with Sorted on FB:
Download on iOS:
Download on Android:
Beirut Madinati, a demo of their social media campaign and user-contributed content:
Connect with Beirut Madinati – بيروت مدينتي on FB:
Visit their website:
Lebtivity, the social calendar:
Connect with Lebtivity:
Virtuosi, an upcoming team collaboration app in Beta right now:
Visit their website:

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