YELLOBLUE to Install the Biggest Rooftop Photovoltaic System in Lebanon for an Educational Building

Posted on July 12, 2016

YELLOBLUE is a renewable energy and energy efficiency engineering, procurement and contracting company that supplies innovative solutions such as building integrated photovoltaics, smart systems for an optimized integration of solar electricity generation with other available energy sources and engineered collective SWH.

After commissioning the biggest solar water heating system in Lebanon for the dorms of Notre Dame University, covering the domestic hot water needs of 450 students, Yelloblue was awarded the installation of the biggest Photovoltaic system in Lebanon for the American Community School Beirut.


This project represents one of the most significant parts of the “Towards a Green Campus” roadmap initiative by ACS.

Eight roofs will be entirely covered with PV, equivalent to 1170 PV modules and a PV area of 2,150 m2.

The total installed power is 356.4 KWp, equivalent to a generator of 338 KW AC, 500A three phase and an lifetime CO2 emission reduction of more than 7,000 Tons.


Two BIPV watertight canopies are among the core structures to be implemented, representing 30% of the project and the largest BIPV system to be executed in Lebanon to date.


The project will be carried out over the course of two years. The onsite installation will be executed in two phases: July and August 2016, July and August 2017.

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