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IRC HR Services: Receives Support from WEEL Project to Grow

Established in Lebanon in 2001, IRC provides human resources and employee outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, contingent recruitment, co-working spaces, executive search for C-level & leadership roles[...]

The WEEL Project Supports the Propagation of Armenian Culinary heritage through Irma & Co

Irma & Co SAL is a Lebanese company that creates and manages concepts and food products around the Armenian culinary heritage. Irma was created in 2013, with gender inclusion and women empowerment as[...]

The WEEL Project Supports Kamkalima to Expand and Grow

Kamkalima is an impact startup founded by two educationalists in 2015 to respond to the declining literacy levels and student disengagement in the Arabic language. It offers schools an e-learning[...]

Digital Prestige: The EU Funded WEEL Project Contributes to The Digital Transformation of The MENA Region 

Digital Prestige is a full-stack product company providing end-to-end development of high-impact systems, and custom technological solutions to startups and companies that are seeking to innovate and[...]

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