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Berytech launches the STAND Up! Textile Eco-Innovation Challenge

Berytech launched the Textile Eco-Innovation Challenge, part of the STAND Up! Project a European Union funded project under the ENICBCMed that aims to empower the fashion, clothing, and textile[...]

Wild Herbs of Lebanon: Potential for Export

Zaatar remains one of the many ingredients in the Mediterranean pantry that deserves its place in the world markets, for its culinary uniqueness, nutritional value, propagation of culture, and also[...]

Lebanese Agriculture, A Future Asset

The agri-food sector continues to attract new investments in an attempt to replace inaccessible imported goods, while new export markets emerge. 

Podcast #8: Chadi Tannous, CPO of The Three Brothers Gin

The BerytechBeat chats with Chadi Tannous, Chief Production Officer of The Three Brothers, a Lebanese company best known for its bathtub gin. Chadi tells us how the Three Brothers have approached[...]

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