Our Expertise

With the launch of Berytech in 2002 by the Saint-Joseph University, we were able to set the ground for the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that is present today in Lebanon, and we have worked continuously to reinforce its growth.

Our Expertise


Startups & SMEs

Our mission to provide a dynamic environment for the creation and growth of startups and SMEs aims to reverse the brain drain, by providing opportunities to Lebanese talents beyond the dwindling job market. We are giving these talents the choice to create the jobs they want for themselves and take hold of their own future, and in direct consequence, shape the future of our economy. 

Development, Incubation and Acceleration

Technical Assistance

Grants Management and Disbursement

Investment Facilitation and Brokering


Berytech has been leading on setting a national innovation strategy for Lebanon since 2017. Through the establishment of different clusters, we create the ideal environment for businesses to strengthen their expertise, fuel their ideas, build fruitful partnerships, and establish themselves in new markets. Berytech is working with universities and other key ecosystem players to boost the technology transfer dynamics in Lebanon, to incentivize researchers in Lebanon to develop projects with a commercialization potential.

Clustering Support

IP Valorization and Technology Transfer for Universities

Support for Incubators and Accelerators


On a national level, we are championing the mission of strengthening Lebanon’s ability to compete with regional markets as a knowledge-based economy which creates a greater reliance on the country’s intellectual capital. We are doing this through improving access to various knowledge bases, stimulating growth in high technology investments and industries and aiding in knowledge spillovers across industries. 

Ecosystem Building and Advice

Pipeline Creation

Policy Development and Push 

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If you have any questions about Berytech, please email us on community@berytech.org, and we will get back to you.