What You Need to Know On Registering A Company In the UAE

With the increasing number of Lebanese startups and SMEs working to access new markets, the UAE has become an attractive choice to set up a business. We’ve reached out to Walid Jahchan, Managing Partner at Forward Consultants, who was happy to provide us with a well-rounded view on what it takes to register a business in the UAE.

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ZOOM IN: LVPx, Upcycling & Customized Embroidery

LVPx is an upcycling and embroidery service where clients can send their clothes or home-wear and get them uniquely hand-embroidered by female artisans living in Beirut. Clients can customize colors and placements before the items are returned to them beautifully packaged and uniquely revived.  

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Yala Stop: Convenience, In-store & Online

Yala Stop has recently launched the first version of its online shopping application allowing users to order their groceries on the platform, providing instant delivery or pickup from the 35 different physical stores spread across Lebanon. 

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Impact Rise Program: Two Years of Impact

For the past two years, the IMPACT RISE program has focused on empowering the Lebanese social entrepreneurship ecosystem, enabling 16 ventures, 16 business coaches, 28 mentors, and 12 partners to create an everlasting wave of social and environmental change.  

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Dairy tech open day visual

Dairy Tech Open Day

The Dairy Tech Open day hosted entrepreneurs and startups who showcased their innovative solutions in the dairy industry to the public and presented a great knowledge and networking opportunity for innovators, independent farmers and farming industries, university students, alumni, researchers, SMEs and NGOs. They also were part of a pitching session where they presented their innovations.

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