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Bank of Baghdad

“To build together the future of Iraq!”

Amid Iraq embarking on the rejuvenation of its financial sector and economy, Bank of Baghdad stands as a vital financial intermediary that has continued to evolve and grow, and has emerged as a reliable and quality-oriented financial service provider in the MENA region and the world.

At Bank of Baghdad, you will be greeted with professional expertise, commitment, and utmost dedication from our employees who will understand your every requirement and deliver just the right banking package that will fulfill all your financial needs.

We work every day to continually enhance and tailor our wide range of services and products to better meet your needs, whether you are an individual looking to finance your future home, or an international firm looking to expand your business, we will ensure exceptional service and high quality results to each and every individual who walks through our doors.

Bank of Baghdad is the key that opens all doors to the opportunities you seek, and in return we have one goal in mind: your satisfaction, which is ultimately our most essential asset


  • Philip Dagher
  • Managing Partner at Bank of Baghdad