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BD consult

“At a core of a well founded business lies the transmission of Innovative Solution!”

BD Consult is the abbreviation for the name “Business Development Consultants”.

BD Consult is a consulting firm specializing in corporate finance, management and IT advisory services. We have developed a core of consulting services specifically designed to help organizations assess the feasibility of new projects, think and elaborate their business plans, improve their business processes and develop performance measurement tools. Our service strategy emphasizes your mission, while helping organizations to meet specific goals. Our experienced and qualified staff offers invaluable advice and a step by step approach to meet your organization specific needs.

Our goal is to provide our clients with practical and useful learning experience that unlock latent potentials in order to accelerate achievements, performance level and effectiveness. We are goal oriented and results driven, we have the solution for your business needs.

BD Consult was established in 1998. Their professionalism, perseverance and dedication have allowed them to provide their clients with value added services and gain their confidence. They are currently present in Lebanon and Qatar and yet to expand within the coming years into different countries in terms of management and finance advisory services.
Through its consulting team with a mix of skills, including economists, accountants, finance, and management specialists, BD Consult provides focused financial services to its clients across all industries.


  • Elias Abou-Fadel
  • Managing Partner at BD Consult