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Element^N Holding SAL

Element^n provides an ecosystem for the acceleration of mobile, web applications and Software as a Service.

For years, internet startups have been ahead of enterprise IT vendors in terms of innovation, scale and often reliability. Many concepts, models & technologies born in the dot com realm have been ported back to the enterprise to revolutionize how people interact and do business.

At element^n we are shortening that distance by using the same team and the same cloud platform to accelerate Internet business models and reduce the cost and time-to-market of enterprise solutions.

We provide acceleration for startups and end-to-end consulting and implementation services for enterprise. With this unique approach, we are achieving synergies and speed to market and evolution that are seldom available with typical solution providers while bringing emerging startups with valuable insight from our experience in the enterprise ecosystem.

Our cloud platform Apstrata is leaps ahead of the competition in terms of maturity and breadth of services and our highly qualified team has been using it to successfully provide end-to-end web and mobile solutions for enterprise customers in the US & MENA regions since 2003.

Element^n brings together a market leading technology platform, a proven methodology and a world class team to provide a completely integrated approach to delivering web based applications. We have been delivering solutions for leading enterprise customers in the MENA region and North America.


  • Rabih Nassar
  • Founder & CEO at Script