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As with every good idea, FLY-FOOT came out of the need to fill up a desire – the desire to connect passionate football fans with the games they love and the teams they so loyally support.

Since 2011, we have been through a journey of journeys. Multitudes of fans, from the casual to the most hardcore fanatic, have travelled with us from their home place to wherever their favourite game was. We did all we can to ensure that each of them would come back with a beautiful story. Fans in return showed us how so many different forms of passion for football exist.

Through this journey we have learned that the game does not end at the field’s lines or at the stadium gates. The city and the local people are an integral part of the experience. Since then we have decided to capitalize on the fact that we are present in three of the major European cities for football: Barcelona, Madrid, and London.

We want to share with our fans our local insight on these cities. Away from the most obvious attractions lies the real urban spirit – the people, the atmosphere, and the team that represents it.

Every member of our team is entirely dedicated to ensuring that you get the best experience possible within the stadium, and as a whole. That’s why we make sure that all you need to do is ‘Pick your game & Pack your bag’


  • Rayan Ismail
  • Founder and CEO of Fly Foot