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Fondation Diane

1- Civic Awareness:

It is time to restore vigor among the genes of a people who knew how to gain Independence:
  • Motivate the Lebanese citizen by reviving his interest for public life
  • Inform him by giving him access to proper information
  • Raise his awareness for his main rights and responsibilities as a citizen
  • Provide him with a platform to express his demands and wishes, aimed at encouragement and constructive criticism through a vote (vote for or vote against)


Eco-Sustainable Development

It is time to recognize our country’s natural resources.
  • Identify best solutions to exploit & value those resources, while preserving environment
  • Create and promote “green” projects and companies (and thus jobs), focused on nature’s preservation and on development & revival of lost resources
  • Develop jobs & services that will cover essential needs and create wealth, which would be beneficial to all social classes.


  • Diane Fadel
  • Founder at Diane Foundation