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Invigo is a telecommunications solutions provider. It was founded by an experienced management and engineering team with a dedication to design, develop and market successful Value Added telecommunications products, and to provide services to Mobile Operators Worldwide.

The management team of Invigo has more than 10 years of experience in the international business of mobile operations. This experience gives us a unique understanding of what mobile operators expect from a solution provider and makes us aware of significant improvements on how we should respond to mobile operators’ needs.
Invigo’s experienced team is committed to enhance and invigorate the mobile experience by creating innovative solutions and offering services that extend from the heart of the network to the hands of mobile users.
Our objective is to become mobile operators’ best partner by providing personalized and cost-effective solutions and services.
Our aim is to help operators increase their Average Revenue Per User and drive differentiation.


  • Fouad Goraieb
  • Chief Executive Officer at Invigo