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“Call Centre Software in the Cloud!”

IT Max Global is a leading value-added IT distributor, providing end-to-end technology business solutions to the enterprise, service providers, and regional network carriers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Pakistan.

IT Max Global brings together enterprise technologies into a single and coherent solution, so customers can benefit from advanced technology platform. Whether enterprises, operators or solutions providers, we enable any organization to build systems and solutions that deliver real value, while reducing costs and providing a high return on investment. Their approach to the solutions offerings to their customers entails bringing mature, proven solutions to market, coupled with strong business development and a track-record of successful brand development and distribution. Leading technology manufacturers and providers rely on IT Max Global to bring their products and offers to market.

To meet their customers’ goals, their  strategy is to join up technology solutions from different angles, without any barriers. For that, they are actively and continuously enhancing our partnership channels to streamline adequate solutions to our customers. Partnering with leading vendors completes their offering and add lines to their portfolio, hence enhancing their proposals and solutions options to our customers by bringing more benefits and increasing their access to the latest technology.

Therefore, IT Max approach is solution centric, rather than vendor specific. Their technical architects and specialist business development teams articulate solution propositions and uncover opportunities through the sales cycle from design, specification and proposal of major projects through to delivery, installation and post-sales support. They deliver solutions through a variety of products and services to a marketplace which is characterized by the transition to the cloud, incorporating private cloud and on-premise and hosted managed services, reducing the complexity of the solution and accelerating adoption through a set of professional services.

Working with IT Max Global is a guarantee of tailored solution that makes senses to your business.

Their Expertise:

  • Operator Networks

  • Enterprise Networks

  • Consultancy Service

  • Implementation Services

  • Security Services

  • Location Based Services (LBS)

  • IT Automation

  • Remote infrastructure Monitoring (RIM)

They Provide:

Solution for Carriers

Solution for Enterprises


  • Naji Salameh
  • Managing director at IT Max Global