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Loop Sal was established in 2016 by a team of skilled professionals in telematics, fleet management, logistics and market development to deploy and offer the Loop electric scooter sharing service for the first time in the Middle East starting with Lebanon. Berytech Fund II secured the incorporation and funding of Loop Sal. The Company in Lebanon is a Zone Operator of LOOPShare Ltd., the global provider of Loop electric scooter shared fleet services and technology.

Loop Sal is the first to introduce a shared fleet of electric scooters in the Middle East & Africa region starting with Lebanon.. Through scooter sharing, members of the community can share scooters to commute within the city during the day without the need to use cars, taxis, or other modes of transportation.

With the Loop service, people can reach their destinations in an easy, convenient, timely and affordable manner.

The Loop sharing service is offered through keyless electric scooters equipped with sensors and a digital dashboard equipped with GPS tracking. Mobile applications can be downloaded on iOS and Android to allow Loop subscribers to use the service and book rides.


  • Anwar Sukarieh
  • Chairman/CEO at Loopshare