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Mobinets is a telecom software provider specialized company in next generation smart Operation Support Systems (OSS) solutions targeting global telecom operators.

Gone are the days of planning by guesswork. Mobinets’ unique Planning & Optimization Manager gives you historic and predictive trend analytics, to help you make the smartest, most transformational Traffic Planning and Optimization decisions possible.

From Traffic Trending, Microwave & Line of Sight Planning, through to end-to-end Capacity & Connectivity Modeling, RAN Planning & advanced Network Design solutions, Mobinets provides the greatest breadth and depth of Planning & Optimization analytics available.

And we don’t stop there. Enhanced with end-to-end maps, layered views, and tools for building ‘what if?’ scenarios, Mobinets’ Planning & Optimization Manager is the only solution you’ll ever need, bringing transformational network planning to life in front of your very eyes.


  • Labib Shalak
  • CEO at MobiNetS