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The video user experience has been slowly upgraded when some players came up with the idea of offering simple single features and effects as a solution for the complexity of video recording and editing on a mobile device. This motivated our decision to start Mobsting with a mission of simplifying video recording, viewing, searching, editing and sharing by enabling anyone to produce creative and good quality short video content using our easy-to- use yet powerful and smart features and applications. Anyone should be able to create and edit very good videos by swiping between various features and modes with almost no existence of distracting and unnecessary UI components.

We are giving everyone the tools they need to create unique, compelling video content that looks appealing and feels self-representative and personal. We think our application has what it takes to reverse the trend of declining original content sharing, which was down 15 percent year over year as of February 2017.


  • Fadi Abbas
  • CEO of Mobsting