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Paravision (with Global Media, ADMT)

Paravision is a Global leader in innovative digital visual communication and interactive integrated solutions

Paravision Group is devoted to provide its customers by the latest modernization and strives always to be in advance on the market. Thus, our pioneering approach to marketing mingles the marvelous impact of the multimedia world with software solutions. This approach, apart from the intuitive feeling that may create on the human being, acts as advertising means of communication without really revealing it.

Through 3D animation department, production house, software engineering, creative web agency and an adept multimedia firm, Paravision delivers full interactive solutions based on a deep understanding of technology. Covering all aspects of multimedia production, mobile and software applications, video 360, augmented reality, 3D stereoscopic, E-learning and E-tourism solutions. Paravision offers highly intuitive multi-touch tables, touchless and air touch solutions.


  • Michel Sfeir
  • Chairman and GM of Paravision