Session #4: Securing Sufficient Food Supply to MENA Growing Populations

Thursday, November 5, 2020 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm · Zoom Webinar

About The Meetup

Several economic, environmental and social challenges hinder the availability of food supply at enough quantities to MENA populations. Food availability relates to the supply of food through production, distribution and exchange.

Factors affecting food availability varies from resources ownership and management such as land, livestock and crops, to production processes and Industrial food manufacturing, to environmental conditions and disasters, to supply chain conditions and distribution capabilities between countries and inside any given nation.  

Major opportunities exist for technology-based businesses to make the use of land, water and energy to grow food in a more productive and economical way in comparison with other usages such as urbanization and industrial projects. Other opportunities are materializing in the sectors of food-chain infrastructure and storage technologies. 

Join us to hear from leading entrepreneurs and experts about the power of entrepreneurship in empowering families, local agri-food businesses and national leaders to profitably provide sufficient, nutritious, and affordable food to the population in the MENA Region.

This is the fourth session of the Berytech Meetups’ Food Security in the MENA region Series. Through this 4-session series, you will connect with international experts and entrepreneurs building the 4 pillars of food safety in a post COVID19 world: Availability, Access, Utilization, and Stability.

Join us for this series to harness their expertise and life experiences and learn how you can address, at a profit, the challenges of building a vital safety net for MENA populations.

Meet The Speakers


Soha Nasser

Berytech Agri-food Expert

Soha is passionate about Innovation, ever since her academic journey in Agri-Food Engineering. She worked on creating a biodegradable food packaging film in her senior project. Driven by her passion, she started her career in Product Development and R&D and continued to grow in the field between poultry and dairy industries in Lebanon. For almost 6 years, and in addition to her product development skills, she acquired a wide experience in Marketing, Market Research, Business Processes, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. On top of her technical experience, Soha is also passionate about Leadership and Talent Development and believes in making a positive impact by using both passions.


Nayla Maalouf

Head of AgriGrow Nursery - Robinson Agri

Nayla studied agricultural engineering at the Holy Spirit University. She is the Head of AgriGrow nursery – specialized in the production of grafted and none grafted seedlings. She has 18 years’ experience in nursery management and follows continuous training in nursery production and management in The Netherlands. Part of an international nursery network covering more than 20 country all over the world, she provides consultancy for other nurseries in Lebanon and abroad, as well as conducts seminars for agricultural students.


Simon Renk

Head of M&E, GIS and VAM - WFP Lebanon

Simon is specialized in Targeting in emergency/crisis settings, Food Security and Markets Analysis in crisis settings, Gender aspects in market-based responses, and Social Network Analysis and Targeting. He has 14 years of professional experience with WFP. He has been their Head of M&E, GIS and VAM in Lebanon since 2018. Previously he was Regional Markets Advisor in West Africa, Food Security Analyst in East Africa, as well as Market Analyst at their headquarters.


Irene Boghdadi

Head of MSMEs and Entrepreneurship Support services - Chemonics Egypt Consultants + Business Development Manager - Cleantech Arabia

Irene Boghdadi is the Head of MSMEs and Entrepreneurship Support services at Chemonics Egypt Consultants, and Business Development Manager at Cleantech Arabia, two entities pioneering the advancement of the Cleantech field in the MENA Region. Irene has worked with over 250 firms of different sizes in the Cleantech sector in Egypt and is on a mission to accelerate the deployment of Cleantech solutions in emerging markets, particularly agri-food, resource efficiency and energy services. She graduated with a Master of Science in Energy Systems Management from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications from the American University in Dubai.

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About Berytech Meetups

Berytech Meetups is a program powered by the Global Innovation of Science and Technology network (GIST), initiated by the U.S. Department of State, aiming at building a strong and vibrant network of entrepreneurs in Lebanon focusing on science and technology.

This year, Berytech is organizing Meetups powered by GIST with a series tackling five (5) major issues for Lebanon and the MENA region: Food Security in the MENA Region, Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon, Renewable Energy, Solid Waste Management, and Raising a Generation of Coders.

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