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Full access to Fab Lab and all its digital fabrication technologies



Full access to Fab Lab and all its digital fabrication technologies

By becoming a member, and based on what you aspire to create at the Fab Lab, you can choose to master and make use of the following digital fabrication technologies and machines.

3D Printers

Laser Cutters

CNC Routers

Electronics Workbench

Vaccum Foaming Machine

Vinyl Cutter

All memberships include:

  • One-on-one training on the chosen technologies and machines
  • Free access to the Fab Lab’s shared spaces and facilities

  • Free access to the computers workstation and design software
  • Free access to all available hand tools and power tools
  • 50% discount on the first two workshops attended in the lab


  • Berytech community members benefit from a 30% discount on the above-listed prices.
  • Bulk deals for groups, companies, and educational institutions are available. Please contact us for more info.
  • Memberships do not cover the cost of usage of some machines. Please refer to our machines and tools page to learn more about the usage fee for each machine.
  • Memberships do not cover the usage of manufacturing materials like 3D printing filaments and vinyl. All machine supplies and materials should be brought in by members or purchased independently from the Fab Lab.

Want to Volunteer at the Fab Lab?

Volunteering with us is all about learning and sharing your knowledge with others. As a volunteer, we will prepare you to become an expert in digital manufacturing, using all the machines available at the Fab Lab. In return, you need to be available at the Fab Lab for 4 half days per month and:
  • Make things! There are plenty of things the Fab Lab can make use of
  • Lead classes and workshops at the Fab Lab
  • Provide training and mentoring sessions for new members
  • Represent the Fab Lab community at local events
If you have a background in engineering, art and design, or teaching, and you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Fab Lab, please let us know by filling and submitting this form.