GIL Workshops | Digital Tooling & Digital Fabrication

Posted on February 10, 2021

Berytech and UNICEF are organizing these workshops to support the youth in learning new skills”

FabLab Workshops Gil (1)

From February 2021 to April 2021, Berytech and UNICEF, through GIL Program, are organizing workshops under themes related to digital tooling and digital fabrication, offered to the youth willing to develop new skills. The workshops are:

  1. 2D Computer Aided Design
  2. Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator + Vinyl Printing and Cutting
  3. Electronics and Robotics – Arduino
  4. 3D Computer Aided Design – Fusion 360
  5. 3D Computer Aided Design – Grasshopper
  6. 3D Computer Aided Design – Rhino
  7. 3D Printing and Scanning

Learn more and apply: GIL Workshops | Berytech

About GIL Program

Berytech, through its Berytech FabLab, has partnered with UNICEF to establish innovation labs in different regions of Lebanon and provide capacity building and workshops to different GIL Labs Community managers. The Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL – جيل) is a program by UNICEF designed to address the high unemployment rates among youth in Lebanon & their lack of access to the knowledge economy.