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Berytech is giving investors the opportunity to connect with vetted startups and scaleups with high value creation, growth potential, and impact. Getting to the table at the right time saves investors the time, effort and money in finding the right deals. 

Berytech has been growing and leading the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon since 2002. With 35+ programs that accompany innovators from idea stage to international scaling in multiple sectors, Berytech offers a diversified portfolio of ventures thoroughly assessed based on innovation, product, market and investment readiness.   

Berytech also puts front and center the social and environmental impact of ventures in its portfolio, offering advantages to impact investors in funding companies that offer solutions to pressing issues in Lebanon that could also be scaled to the world. 

Why join now

Access a resilient entrepreneurial mindset

A key factor for the success and resilience of any business to navigate uncertainties and succeed is having an entrepreneurial mindset. These entrepreneurs strive to solve challenges, push boundaries, pivot, and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Thus, they succeed in providing solutions in complex environments while making optimum use of limited resources.

Discover market and industry trends

Our portfolio is always evolving to meet changing consumer and market demand while promoting sustainability. This means we link you to emerging disruptors in sectors of great growth potential, implementing key trends, breakthrough technologies and innovation to foster their scalability.

Explore a curated portfolio

The selection of the startups that will join our portfolio will be based on a thorough assessment from our experts on their Innovation, Product, Market, and Investment readiness.

Develop future-proof strategic roadmaps

Leverage your early access to innovators pools at various stages and assess potential for early alliances, investments, and acquisition prospects.

Boost your Knowledge, network, and your portfolio

Get the opportunity to review deals, co-invest and share perspectives with a community of diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Who is it for

Individuals and organizations like…

+ Business angels
+ Impact funds
+ Foundations or Philanthropists
+ Venture Capitalists
+ Accelerators or Incubators

Looking for…

+ Accessing innovation
+ Creating value
+ Making an impact
+ Accelerating growth
+ Building synergies

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Attend our upcoming activities, including fundraising events, and meet our community of investors and entrepreneurs online or in-person.

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Our investment team will present our growing portfolio of Lebanese startups and connect you with the innovators and startups of your choice.

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