Agri-Food Specialist

Posted on June 5, 2020

Berytech is looking to expand its team by hiring an Agri-Food Specialist.

Position Objective

As an Agri-food specialist, you will play an advisory and guidance role to startups in our accelerator program. You will be heavily involved in the agriculture and food startups, from connecting them to field experts, prototyping to finished products, and providing help to open both new marketplaces (sourcing and selling) and establishing partnerships to accelerate their startups.

You will also be actively involved in the program outreach to attract innovative Agri-food startups in Tech, Engineering and Food Innovations, as well as young professionals, that will feed the pipeline of creating the next-gen Agripreneurs.

You would also be working closely with QOOT – Lebanon’s Agri-food Innovation Cluster, and other programs to create the synergies and linkages in the field.


Scope of Work

The Agri-Food Specialist will be responsible for leading the Agri-Food Track under Berytech’s ACT Smart Innovation Hub Initiative, ensuring that the entrepreneurship programs and the cluster, EU-funded projects, and other related working groups growth are up to the expectations of the program.

Key responsibilities

The Agri-food specialist will be entirely responsible for leading the startup’s sector technical support and operations of the program in close collaboration. This would be inclusive of the following.


  • Events and workshops: Direct and organize various workshops/events/webinars for the program, and execute the same with the help of team members, external consultants, and Berytech’s Communications & Outreach Department
  • Partnerships: Forge partnerships with other organizations for providing services to the startups or the organization; marketing the program, sponsorships, etc. Liaise with the government, academia and industries, locally and internationally
  • Marketing the Agri-Food track and its Development: Be the face of the Agri-Food track and actively promote it through various channels, work with Berytech’s Communications & Outreach Department on ensuring maximum exposure
  • Prepare all required reports and maintain a comprehensive set of records on all related activities
  • Liaison with other related projects related to the sector (consortium, innovation funds, etc.)

Startups Acceleration component

  • Pre-incubation: Deal Flow generation, Screening of proposals, Research, Patent landscaping, working with entrepreneurs on market validation through the acceleration team
  • Mentor Network: Develop the mentor network for the accelerator program and work with the accelerator team to make the supported ventures successful
  • Acceleration and Incubation: Lead formation of new business and keep track of the Incubation process; help the startups prepare proposals, connect to market, clients, users, get funding, etc.
  • Funding for Incubatee Projects: Work in coordination with senior management for setting up grant support and seed funds for startups

Position Requirements



  • Bachelor of Agriculture, with an M.Sc. or MBA, is needed
  • Passionate about innovation and knowledgeable about new technologies and trends in the AgriTech sector
  • Fluent in Arabic and English (verbal and written) – French is a plus



  • Five+  years’ experience in Agriculture field
  • Proven experience implementing projects in agriculture, agribusiness, and value chains preferable product development/field experience
  • Relevant experience in smart agriculture practices, food security and agribusiness programs, agriculture value chains, NGOs, donor organizations or the private sector
  • Knowledge of technology trends, industry participants and leaders in the developer community


 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent analytical skills, enabling comprehension and development of complex business and technical issues, topics, and plans.
  • Able to distill widely variant feedback into root cause issues and provide actionable feedback to other stakeholders.
  • Ability to multi-task; balance short-term and long-term goals.
  • Able to coach and mentor a broad array of startups.
  • An assertive personality that can manage multiple project teams
  • Strong interpersonal and networking skills, a connector, with a genuine interest in supporting the success of others
  • Able to influence in a highly matrixed and rapidly changing environment
  • Results-driven, initiative-taker, proactive, resilient
  • Diplomat with excellent abilities to motivate people
  • Highly-meticulous, organized, pragmatic, curious, motivated, positive
  • Understanding of what makes successful businesses


Application Process

If you feel that you fit the profile, please send your CV to, including only in the subject email ‘Agri-Food Specialist.’ Also, include a short paragraph (100 -200 words) stating how your skills are a perfect fit for the position and describing your passion for helping startups to grow. Only resumes sent with this paragraph will be considered.

About Berytech

The ACT Smart Innovation Hub is a new approach by Berytech aimed at strengthening business advancement, economic growth and job creation in the Agri-food and Cleantech sectors in Lebanon. The initiative will run over 36 months from September 2019 to August 2022. It includes two accelerator programs – Agrytech and Cleanergy.