Backend Developer

Posted on September 20, 2017

Hello world we are a Start-up named TOWBE we are looking to expand our team by hiring a new Towber as a Backend Developer  


Job Responsibilities:

We are seeking a backend developer that can work in a fast-paced, highly iterative team that has to adapt quickly as our factory grows. We need people who are comfortable tackling new problems, innovating solutions, and interacting with every facet of the company on a daily basis. Creative, motivated, able to take responsibility and support the applications you create. Help us help people faster!

Skills and Experience:

  • Understanding of how a microservices architecture works
  • Quality – Demonstrated usage of different testing patterns, continuous integration processes, build deployment systems. Continuous monitoring.
  • Current – Up to date with current trends and patterns. Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals and applying them in the real-world.

Bonus experience:

  • Previous experience working with a microservices architecture
  • Previous experience working with a serverless architecture
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