Digital Leader

Posted on September 3, 2015

Digital Leader



Digital Marketing is an exciting, growing field at Bid Affairs. It combines deep interest in digital marketing campaigns with a strong eye for tracking performance and analytics.

Ideal candidate will bring knowledge of the digital field, combined with a record of success in delivering projects.

The role will lead all digital marketing efforts including SEO, SEM, PPC, display ads, website strategy, email marketing, and social media monitoring.   In this hands-on role, the leader will be responsible for ensuring all digital marketing programs are operating effectively and driving the desired results.


In specific, the job entails:


Digital Marketing:

–           Devise strategies to drive online traffic with the purpose of lead generation.

–           Develop, execute, analyze and optimize innovative digital marketing campaigns to increase online lead generation including online media, social, email, website strategy, SEO, and other digital channels.

–           Ensure campaigns stay within budget and meet utilization and conversion expectations.

–           Leverage Google Analytics to gain data insights about consumer behavior by analyzing metrics such as click navigation, landing page performance, and purchase conversion.

–           Leverage Google Analytics to track site performance and make recommendations for improvement.

–           Prepare and present monthly performance reports and recommendations to senior management for all digital marketing efforts.


Website optimization

–           Lead the implementation of improvement initiatives across the website.

–           Recommend website changes and lead implementation in coordination with developers and designers, as well as testing and launch.


E-Commerce & CRM

–           Manage strategic e-mail program including maintaining email campaign lists, formatting and sending campaigns. Track analytics and communicate results to the team.

–           Improve E-Commerce process flows with the target of increasing conversions and engaging leads.

–           Leverage Google Analytics to track E-Commerce performance and make recommendations for improvement.



–           Oversee SEO strategies and best practices for the website and improve natural search.

–           Oversee and track utilization, performance, and traffic analytics to optimize keywords.

–           Ensure that SEO efforts, drive qualified organic traffic through on-page and of-page  page optimization



–           Analyze metrics and deliver insightful reports that present content and community performance, social/digital listening insights and trends and optimization recommendations.



–           Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing or related area, and a minimum of 3 years’ experience.

–           At least one year of proven Web Marketing Experience (strategic and tactical) including SEO/SEM; website and landing page design; email marketing; social media marketing; and the measurement, metrics analysis.

–           Experience creating and measuring digital marketing strategies and tactics.

–           In-depth knowledge of and interest in online media; up-to-date with latest industry trends and technology.

–           Strong knowledge of Google Analytics, email marketing programs.

–           Ability to work in a fast paced and challenging entrepreneurial environment.

–           Ability to work on his/her own where the path isn’t always laid out.

–           Excellent communicator (verbal and written) and able to liaise with internal and external groups.

–           Results-driven focus and tenacious work ethic, with the drive, resolve, and urgency to do “whatever it takes” to accomplish specific goals