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Posted on August 25, 2021

Call for Consultants

Developing an Internationalization program for Lebanese scalable ventures to access global markets


Following the financial and economic crises in Lebanon as of 2019, adding the COVID19 impact on the health sector and economy, we are facing high rates of skilled labor and startups migration, business shutdowns and a current challenging context for businesses to thrive.

In parallel, Lebanon’s richness lies in the pool of qualified human capital, thus offering a unique experimental platform for enterprise creation being a distinctive startup hub with highly skilled experts and talents.

To overcome these challenges and prepare for an economic rescue strategy, we would like to develop an Internationalization program for Lebanese startups to build international strategies and access international markets with a special focus on EU markets. This program will be used as a national mechanism for Lebanon to be adopted by various ecosystem partners to support their startup networks in this challenging economic situation.

Technical and Financial specification

Format and objectives of the mission

The consultant(s) will develop and propose an “Internationalization program development manual” with its framework, methodology and plan, with the aim of supporting Lebanese scalable startups in accessing external markets and matching them with targeted business opportunities.

This program development manual suggested, will serve the Lebanese ecosystem in the context of this challenging situation and helps startups thrive in those difficult times.

This manual will include a comprehensive description to provide a clear guidance on how to successfully implement and manage the Internationalization program such as: objective, needs’ assessment process, target audience and screening criteria, tools, description of the different phases, action plan, resources and support needed.

To develop the Internationalization program manual, the selected consultant(s) should:

  • Select a pilot sector that have a high potential to position Lebanon as a competitive startup hub and create international business opportunities for Lebanese businesses.
  • Focus on a specific geographical location and target market within the EU region.
  • Include a strong partners’ network to support in program implementation.
  • Consider the below steps in the methodology suggested:


  • A potential sector that brings valuable business opportunities for Lebanese SMEs.
  • A target country (EU) that match the opportunities and needs related to the defined sector.
  • The selection criteria needed for the Lebanese startups and their needs.


  • Define and develop the support needed for the startups to access this particular market (types of activities and areas of intervention).


  • Develop a matchmaking mechanism to match and link the startups with business partners (from target country) and create successful collaboration with a pilot activity.


  • Develop a comprehensive manual with clear content, format and visual design that include the results of the pilot phase and that can be used for the dissemination and promotion.

Mission description

Phase I: Selection and mapping of target market and sector

  • Identification of a potential growing sector that bring business opportunities for Lebanese scalable startups.
  • Selection of a target country within EU markets that present a need for the sector defined.
  • Mapping of the target EU country to identify the innovation trends, funding opportunities, industries’ needs, and stakeholders related to the sector defined.
  • Selection criteria of the Lebanese startups and their needs assessment based on the target market and target sector.

Phase II: Develop the Internationalization program manual

Design and Build The internationalization program manual that includes the program description, objective, mechanism, phases, support activities and curriculum, selection criteria, timeline, resources needed, action plan and estimated budget.

The design of the program should consider one year time frame.

At a later stage, this program methodology and manual will be customized and used to fit other countries and sectors.

It will mainly include:

  • Selection criteria required for the startups.
  • The methodology to select and map the target sector and market.
  • The support activities and main expertise required for startups to penetrate a particular market and develop successful business opportunities. The activities can include and not limited to, coaching, mentoring, technical assistance and advisory, certifications and more. The areas of support can include and not limited to, quality control, business development, legal and funding considerations, partnership and market strategies, sales, market labels and certifications etc.
  • A structured matchmaking mechanism to ensure successful collaborations between Lebanese startups and foreign companies.

Phase III:
Pilot Activity

Based on the program design, the consultant(s) shall include a small pilot activity with 3 to 5 selected startups, in the form of virtual meetings, to ensure a successful piloting of the program methodology and matchmaking with relevant stakeholders to support the startups in accessing the selected market. The results of this pilot activity will be added as a case study in the program’s manual.

Activities that must be carried out to understand the context include:

  • Desk review of existing reports developed.
  • Interviews and focus groups with stakeholders involved in the program.

Collaborative framework

The mission is expected to start on September 10 and completed by October 31, 2021, for phase 1 and 2 and by December 30, 2021 for phase 3.

For its whole duration, the experts will work in close collaboration with Berytech and more widely with the stakeholders of the Lebanese innovation ecosystem and consider that this program will use an inclusive approach that can involve various ecosystem partners upon implementation.

Deliverables & Timeline of the mission

A detailed technical document presented in English to the contractor in a proper format including design, layout and content. The report should include:

  • Internationalization program development manual
  • Results of the pilot phase 3

The document will be used to implement and manage the program, where applicable.

The work schedule should follow the below deadlines:


Deliverable Deadline
#1. Assessment, conceptualization and work plan  September 20, 2021
#2. First draft of the report, Interview &/or focus groups with stakeholders October 20, 2021
#3. Final report November 15, 2021
#4. Pilot phase December 30, 2021
#5. Adding the pilot phase results on the report December 30, 2021



Profile of the expert(s)

The experts should fulfil the following criteria:

  • This call is open for Lebanese and international expert consultants, provided the proposal includes at least one Lebanese expert, knowledgeable in the field.
  • At least 10 years of experience in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship field with a particular focus on international business development and strategies.
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in supporting businesses in accessing international markets and expansion activities.
  • Previous experience with Mediterranean countries will be an asset.
  • Be an individual consultant, firm or association.
  • Be able to comply with national fiscal context and rules for receipt of international funds.
  • Have a bank account whose holder name must be the same as the applicant.
  • Academic background in business, economics, law, engineering, industrial and/or other relevant majors.
  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Partnership and subcontracting are allowed, provided that the legal applicant entity has a substantial role in implementing the assignment. The applicant will be the only legal entity with which the contract relation will be established.

Application & selection process

Applications should include:

  • A detailed resume highlighting the expert experience in the fields relevant to the expertise mission.
  • A technical offer including a description of the methodology used, main milestones and implementation steps as well as an estimate of the time spent on each task.
  • A financial offer (days and costs in man days).
  • The header of the technical and financial offers must clearly note the candidate data (Name, address, country, telephone, email and fiscal identity number or other official number) and those of the Contractor: Berytech Foundation, Constitution notice 26/AD, MOF #1429230, O. Box: 11-7503 Riad el Solh, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Offers must be sent by email to Alexandre Bassim, Procurement officer; Krystel Khalil, Director of programs & Mathias Fillon, Coordinator THE NEXT SOCIETY and with the subject “Berytech TNS Internationalization program” by September 20, 2021, the latest.

Offers will be assessed according to the following criteria and scores:

Points Criteria
Maximum 40 points Quality of the technical offer to meet the work objectives
Maximum 30 points Proven track-record in the mission’s field
Maximum 30 points Financial offer


If you have questions concerning this ToR, please contact: and

Budget & payment conditions

  • The budget allocated for the entire mission must include all mission costs, including travel (if necessary) and activities costs and should not exceed 20,000 euros.
  • The Berytech management team will proceed to the payment of the estimated costs by October 31, 2021 the latest, after completion of the action and the validation of its deliverables.


This expert mission is done under the Next Society EU funded project.

About the Next Society project:

THE NEXT SOCIETY is an open community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, NGOs, public and private innovation, research and economic development hubs from Europe and 7 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

It aims at mobilizing, promoting and reinforcing innovation ecosystems and economic development in the MENA region.

To reach these goals, THE NEXT SOCIETY supports the emergence of talents and innovative leaders who will drive the next trends and usages by targeting start-ups, clusters and technology transfer offices to accompany their development.

Launched by ANIMA Investment Network and 30 partners (including Berytech in Lebanon), THE NEXT SOCIETY has launched a four-year action plan (2017-2020), co-funded by the European Union up to 90% for a global amount of EUR 7.8 million, which impacts 4 levels of the innovation ecosystems:

  • Improve policy frameworks: THE NEXT SOCIETY establishes a public-private dialogue and benchmarks Mediterranean innovation ecosystems in order to design and implement country strategic roadmaps and improve innovation support strategies.
  • Foster start-up successes: THE NEXT SOCIETY offers tailor-made support to Mediterranean start-ups to help them go international and raise funds thanks to tailor-made services: innovators academies, mentoring, soft landing, bootcamps, international business development missions and power dinners with investors. Download the Start-up Booster Track.
  • Promote and internationalize clusters. THE NEXT SOCIETY develops peer-learning services for business and industrial clusters as well as foreign partnerships and guides them towards a Cluster Excellence management approach. Download the Cluster Booster Track brochure.
  • Accelerating technology transfer towards the enterprise. THE NEXT SOCIETY involves technology transfer offices, universities, researchers and creators to develop solutions to the challenges faced by their countries, through calls for projects and workshops with potential users of these solutions (large international firms, industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, civil society). Download the TTO Booster Track brochure.

For more information, please download THE NEXT SOCIETY presentation brochure here.

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