Communications & Outreach Coordinator

Posted on July 30, 2019

The Communication and Outreach Coordinator contributes to the overall corporate image and exposure of Berytech to the outside world.


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The Communication & Outreach Coordinator is responsible for implementing related activities to the strategic corporate communication and outreach plan for Berytech entities.

The Coordinator is also responsible for implementing the strategy and programs related to attracting entrepreneurs and want-to-be entrepreneurs to be actively involved in Berytech-related programs, which will generate proper deal flow, keep Berytech as the option of choice, and attract the right caliber of tenant companies and incubated entrepreneurs to our facilities.



  • Help identify support deals with corporations and other support organizations in the private and public sectors for the Berytech Community
  • Develop and manage the database (communities, speakers, suppliers, sponsors, media)
  • Identify and lead on new growth and sponsorship opportunities
  • Research worldwide trends and innovative ideas to apply locally
  • Participate in ecosystem events to network, identify new practices and partnership opportunities as well as contribute to Berytech’s exposure.


Event Management

  • Grow community engagement by developing, managing and implementing activities, events and projects such as corporate and community events, trainings, workshops, roadshows, mentorships, networking, hackathons, and ideation camps (concept, planning, logistics, and follow up)
  • Communicate and liaise with team members to understand their activity’s requirements including event brief, budget, fundraising needs, sponsorship needs, target audience, program, partners, and objectives
  • Develop detailed proposals for each activity including the action plan, budget, timeline, venue, supplier, staffing needs, budget requirements, logistics, branding requirements, sponsorship packages, photo/video requirements, etc.
  • Manage the event including invitation, communications, scheduling, venue details, setup, entertainment, catering, IT requirements, photo/video requirements, community support/partnerships, sponsorships, and branding
  • Manage media relations including invitations and follow up, coverage and reports
  • Develop and implement post-event evaluation processes including data entry, analysis, lessons learned, and recommendations to ultimately contribute to the annual Impact Report
  • Manage the inventory of communication material (banners, flyers, letterheads, promo items, etc.)



  • Contribute content to Berytech’s website and social media channels
  • Liaise with Community Manager to develop content and communication plan for each activity/event including emails, website, and social media
  • Brief the Visual Designer to develop communication material
  • Pitch interviews, stories and articles about Berytech and its activities to the media



  • Degree: Bachelor’s or higher
  • Experienceat least 4 years’ in Public Relations, Event Management, Project Management, and Media Relations
  • Languagesfluency in Arabic and English, French is a plus
  • Knowhowstrategic planning, event planning, negotiation, report writing, research, budget management, logistics, content development, photography, social media
  • Life Skillsextroverted, dynamic, flexible, collaborative, resourceful, proactive, results-driven



Please send your CV to with a cover letter explaining why you fit the profile; make sure to add the job title in the subject line of your email. Deadline to apply: August 16, 2019.

About Berytech

Initiated in 2002 by the Saint-Joseph University, Berytech provides a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.