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Posted on March 17, 2023

Berytech is looking to hire Offerors to support “Baramoda” (a supported firm by RIH MENA). Berytech Foundation, acting on behalf of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Water and Energy For Food (WE4F) Project, under contract number 7200AA20C00040, is soliciting proposals from firms or individuals that can support our clients on the below scope of work.


For Baramoda to continue its growth it is required to expand its product range, particularly in the area of developing nano-liquid products with macro and micronutrients. The ultimate objective is to create at least 6 new products which are more effective than current products and can increase productivity of farmers and decrease specific water consumption. The products should meet regulatory standards in Egypt and can be licensed.


  • Review Baramoda current product range and determine a list of 12 possible new products based on nano liquid technology which can expand Baramoda market reach and revenues.
  • For each product determine possible impact, use in the market, market size and potential sales.
  • In discussion with Baramoda team, determine 6 most suitable products which could lead to expanding market reach and maximize benefits for farmers.
  • For each of the 6 targeted product; conduct necessary lab trial and test to develop such product using Baramoda lab and testing facilities.
  • For each product develop product composition, production flow sheet, product standards and specifications.
  • Prepare feasibility study for a production facility to produce the six products.
  • Prepare all documents needed to license the products by relevant Egyptian authorities.


  • A detailed work plan.
  • An initial report highlighting the 12 possible new products and possible impact, use in the market, market size and potential sales and including an assessment sheet for Baramoda to take a decision on 6 products to be developed.
  • A final report highlighting the 6 chosen products and detailing for each product: product composition, production flow sheet, product standards and specifications. The final report will include a feasibility study for a production facility to produce the six products.


  • The assignment is expected to be delivered between from Feb to October.
  • Service providers will not incur any costs related to material nor equipment and will be granted access to Baramoda lab facilities.
  • Service provider team is expected to have experience in developing similar products and include experts with both research and development experience as well as production.
  • Baramoda team to provide list of production facility.
  • Relevant WE4F innovator staff member(s) will be available to respond to questions and information requests from the support provided within a time frame that enables the project to meet on-time completion.
  • Baramoda team will provide detailed information.
  • Baramoda team can meet the service provider at least once every two weeks to answer critical questions, provide the needed inputs, follow up on progress, and approve deliverables.


  • Site visit or conference call with the innovator will occur after award being confirmed and contract signed. Through its consultation with the innovator, the selected service provider has the flexibility to propose new deliverables and/or revise the deliverables stated above based on the information it gathers and its understanding of the innovator’s goals and needs. The selected service provider would document these new or revised deliverables in the work plan it drafts after its initial conversations with the innovator.
  • Berytech will review and approve the vendor’s work plan. If during the initial requirements gathering calls the selected vendor determines that it is unable to deliver the work requested, the vendor will be compensated for its time investment to complete the work plan and will be released from any obligation to complete the project beyond the work plan. For budgeting purposes, the vendor should allocate $1,000 for its effort to complete the work plan.


  • CVs for the consultants that will work on the project Please provide the CVs for the staff that would likely work on this engagement explaining the roles and responsibilities of each and provide an organogram.
  • Company Profile

List of clients having similar intervention:

  • Describe in 2-4 paragraphs your capabilities specifically relevant to this scope of work.

Please provide evidence of your relevant past work. When documenting your evidence of past work, present each example in the following format:

  • The business need presented in the call order for which your past work is evidence. (1 sentence)
  • The challenge / issue your work addressed. (1 sentence)
  • Your activities / approach to address that challenge. (3-4 sentences)
  • The outcome / result of your work. (1 sentence)

Relevant Materials:


Offerors shall submit their proposals electronically in accordance with the instructions below:

Please reference the RFP number WE4F RFP-E18 in any response to this RFP. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of Berytech Foundation.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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