Consultant in the Cleaning Products Industry

Posted on April 15, 2020

The basic role of the Consultant in the Cleaning Products Industry is to provide and achieve all the requirements needed for our product (hand soap) to be qualified for entering the Lebanese and the International market, and meet the standards to acquire the well-known desired certifications.

This is a limited engagement project for a period of one month and capable of renewal with the approval of both sides, and a budget to be agreed upon later.


Key Responsibilities & Duties

  • Optimize the formula of the product to enhance its properties.
  • Apply the lab testing needed for achieving the required standards to enter the market.
  • Create a timeline and a planning schedule for acquiring the required certifications.
  • Create a small analysis report on the importance of each certification with respect to the product and its impact related.



  • Chemical Engineer / Material Science Engineer
  • 5-10 experience in the FMCG cleaning products.
  • Have a great knowledge in the standards and regulations of the Lebanese and the International market.
  • Preferably to have a great marketing vision.


Application Process

Interested applicants are kindly requested to senf their CV to

    About Organy Clean

    OrganyClean is a startup working on green and sustainable hygiene products by turning the agro waste into new, innovative, and valuable cleaning products, while contributing to the agro waste management.