Experienced Operations Manager

Posted on February 26, 2019

SparkPod is a growing e-Commerce company that is committed to creating products that our customers love. Currently, our exclusive products range from coffee ware to home improvement. Currently, we are looking for a full-time experienced Administration Manager to run the daily/weekly/monthly operations. We are looking for someone who is dedicated and committed to a long-term relationship and willing to grow with the company.


Job Description

1) Assist with daily tasks that consist of the following:

  • Replying to customer emails, messages on our Facebook page and provide exceptional customer service experience. We want our customers to be wowed with our customer service.
  • Removing negative feedback
  • Checking product reviews and settling negative product reviews by contacting the customer via email and leaving a comment on the product review
  • Commenting on all negative and positive product reviews
  • Checking all products for Hijackers and making test buys when required
  • Creating a removal order for unfulfillable inventory
  • Documenting daily activities on video and flowcharts in order to train future hires
  • Checking seller central for any performance notifications

2) Marketing & Keyword Research:

  • Keywords: Find the most relevant and high traffic keywords for a product using tools like Helium 10 (Reverse ASIN & Keyword Trends) and Google Keyword Planner
  • Amazon PPC: Able to create PPC campaigns and optimize them for best performance. You will start with an automatic campaign and then move to manual using the most effective keywords that have the highest conversion and least ACoS
  • Amazon Money-off Promotions: Able to create money-off promotions and activate promotional ads on sites like Seller Tools
  • Facebook Offer Ads: Able to create Facebook offer ads
  • MailChimp: Need to be familiar with how to create an effective marketing campaign on mail chimp

3) Create an FBA and FBM listing:

  • Input vital information, uploading product pics, inputting backend keywords generated by Keyword Inspector
  • Brand registration

4) Coordinating with the manufacturers:

  • Ordering Samples
  • Placing the order with the manufacturer and submitting the logo and package design
  • Confirming the sample logo on an item and package design before mass production
  • Writing and proofreading instructions manual among other things
  • Following up with the manufacturer for delivery
  • Arranging sea freight shipments with freight forwarders like FBA Forward

5) Coordinating with freelancers on Fiverr and Upworks for the following:

  • Logo design & Package design: Reaching out to designers and instructing them to create the right logo design and package design which has the correct barcode
  • 3D listing pics: instruct Adobe Illustrator specialists to create beautiful real life 3D pics of the products that will be used to upload product onto listing
  • Sales Copy: instruct a sales copy specialist to write the bullet points and description for the product listing.
  • Sourcing Agent: instruct the sourcing agent to look for specific products
  • Website and Registration Page: work with web designers to create WordPress or Shopify websites that include registration/warranty page that is linked to MailChimp



  • Minimum 2 years of experience as an Administration Manager for an e-Commerce
  • Self-initiative and dedication are absolutely important
  • Self-learning: must be willing to teach him/herself in order to grow with the company
  • Fast and Reliable internet connection. Will have daily/weekly Skype sessions


To apply, please send your CV to Wassim Shoucair:


M: +961 76 055 031

About SparkPod

SparkPod is a growing e-Commerce company that is committed to creating products that our customers love. Currently, our exclusive products range from coffee ware to home improvement.