Graphic Designer – Online Marketing Support

Posted on May 23, 2017

Online marketing is a core function to what we do at Falafel Games. Without bringing in the users to our free games, we don’t have clients to turn into revenue. We don’t take this User Acquisition activity lightly at all.
One of they functions in a successful online marketing campaign is the ongoing optimization of the creative content used, from the re-arrangement of all sorts of art assets on our banners, to the format of the banners, to the re-arrangements of all our art assets on the promotional videos, as well as the optimization of the various calls to action and the ad copies.
You are going to be supporting our Marketing Manager, will be responsible and accountable for the improvement of the performance of the marketing content, and will be strongly encouraged to constantly come up with new creative ways to improve it, although some of your initiatives may fail.

In this position, your responsibilities will be to:
o Use the art assets to create appealing banners for all our media formats
o Coordinate with the video production teams to produce appealing video promotions using our art assets
o Continuously improve the Click Through Rates and the games’ Install Rate of various creative content by adjusting the composition of the ads, the ad copy, the format of the ads or the other variables
o Rotate ads, ad copies and videos at the right frequency on various target segments in order to keep the messages fresh in the eyes of the target audience
o Think outside the box to try daring new ways to show the ads to the target audiences, track the results, and repeat
o Create promos for all the new events, updates, new content releases using the updated game content and corresponding graphic design
o Learn

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