Junior MIS Developer

Posted on September 5, 2023

Berytech is looking to hire a Junior MIS Developer who will play a vital role in the design, development, and maintenance of our Management Information Systems (MIS). This role will involve collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure that our MIS effectively captures and manages critical data and supports informed decision-making within the organization.

The candidate will be responsible of supporting and guiding start-ups with their software technology development along with development of internal tools as part of the organization’s digital transformation.


Your key responsibilities and accountabilities will include:

Digitization Efforts Support:

MIS Development:

  • Collaborate with fellow developers to design and develop MIS applications and databases.
  • Assist in identifying with different departments/teams their technology tools need.
  • Support in research, comparison and implementation and keep Berytech updated with technology solutions to meet current and future needs.
  • Write clean, efficient, and well-documented code to implement MIS functionalities.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve software defects and issues.
  • Support and contribute software development tasks inside the organization.
  • Support and participate in standardization of digital tool set for teams to use for increased productivity. Assist teams during the deployment and the use at early stages.
  • Support and participate in the introduction sessions for team members to new technologies/tools adapted by the organization.

Data Management:

  • Create and maintain databases, ensuring data accuracy, security, and availability.
  • Design data structures and implement data validation processes.
  • Develop data extraction, transformation, and loading processes.

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Generate reports and dashboards to visualize MIS data for decision-makers.
  • Assist in developing data analytics solutions to extract valuable insights from MIS data.


  • Document MIS development processes, data models, and code changes.
  • Maintain up-to-date technical documentation for MIS systems.
  • Support the teams with tools for documentation and standardization of activities for all internal teams and Berytech in general.
  • Support and participate in development of standard operating procedures for internal processes backed with digital tools.


  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and ensure MIS systems meet organizational needs.
  • Work closely with end-users to provide technical support and address user issues.

Security and Compliance:

  • Implement security measures to protect MIS data from unauthorized access.
  • Ensure MIS systems comply with data privacy regulations and organizational policies.

Startups/Accelerator Team Support:

  • Follow up closely with Startups concerning their technology development during the program, report findings to manager.
  • Support in planning the activities alongside the Tech Manager, accelerator manager and other stakeholders with skills, and during operations of the program related to the technical development and growth of startups.
  • Assist startups team members in setting project objectives and deadlines.
  • Support the projects’ implementation of each startup especially related to software.
  • Support guiding startups’ team members on the path to building finalized products and ensuring they are ready for the market with product management tools.
  • Participate in all required reports by providing input on the support provided an impact made.


      • Educational Degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent from an accredited university international certificate is a plus.
      • Experience: 1-3 years progressively responsible experience in software development, notably in full stack development, experience in NodeJS and ReactJS is a plus.
      • Languages: Fluency in Arabic and English, French is a plus.

      Additional Required Skills:

      • Familiarity with Github.
      • Experience in development of small to medium sized projects.
      • Knowledge in Javascript, HTML5, python.
      • Knowledge in databases and operating systems.
      • Ability to learn new software and technologies quickly.
      • Ability to follow instructions and work in a team environment.
      • Detail oriented.
      • Writing and debugging code.
      • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft.

      The ideal candidate will have:

      • Excellent verbal and written communication skill.
      • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
      • Strong time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. 
      • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


      Interested applicants meeting all the above requirements are to submit their applications below.


      Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

      About Berytech

      Berytech is a leading organization in the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Lebanon, that aims to provide a conducive environment for the creation and development of startups, through incubation, business support, counseling, funding, networking, and company hosting, hence taking part in the economic revival of the country, participating in wealth and job creation, and retaining graduates and high-level skills in Lebanon.