Make Sense Community Developer Lebanon

Posted on July 17, 2018

To support and grow the makesense community of volunteers in Lebanon, we are looking for a creative and passionate individual to become our Lebanon Community Developer and work hand-in-hand with the makesense global Community Development team as well as the local makesense Lebanon Hub team.

Your role will be to develop the makesense community in Lebanon by training and empowering volunteers across the country to start and run local makesense chapters.

After a thorough training with makesensee’s Community Development team, you will be in charge of:

1. Coordinating and supporting the existing makesense Lebanese communities of volunteers
-Supporting and equipping makesense volunteer leaders in Lebanon to run their local makesense chapters and organize innovative events advocating on social entrepreneurship. To do this, you’ll have several main responsibilities:
-Regular one-on-one support to individual volunteers and check-ins with volunteer teams. You will help them solve challenges, bring ideas to life, and grow their local chapters.
-Organizing online and offline trainings to empower volunteers to use the makesense toolkit.
-Help build and sustain connections between the different makesense chapters (“Hotspots”), both fostering a national sense of community and ensuring Lebanese makesense community feels connected to the global one. For this, you will develop both online and offline strategies.
-Organize makesense events across the country
-Lead the community development strategy and also contribute to developing the strategy of the makesense Lebanon hub. As we are a startup, there is a lot to build – and we’re looking for someone excited to contribute not only operationally but also strategically

2. Coordinating the implementation & facilitation of our global impact campaigns in Lebanon
-Every year makesense runs various campaigns with different partners to enable more citizens to take action on causes that matter to them thanks to social entrepreneurship and collective intelligence. For instance, in 2016 and 2017, in Lebanon, makesense ran different campaigns on waste, access to education, sustainable cities, etc. 
-Your mission will be to lead the implementation of makesense cause-based campaigns in Lebanon.
-You will also take part of in partnership development with a variety of entities to grow the makesense network of volunteers, source social entrepreneurs, find venues, and imagine other beneficial collaborations.
-You will even be able to launch campaigns on topics that are important to you!

3. Bringing makesense to rural areas in Lebanon
-makesense has volunteers involved with social entrepreneurship in 5 sites in Lebanon. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurship remains a fairly unfamiliar concept in most areas of the country…although there are amazing talents waiting to be activated everywhere in the country!

4. Use social media to reach new audiences for makesense Lebanon and improve the communication channels
-You will be in charge of co/running the MakeSense social media accounts n to make our local programs, events and activities visible on a large scale.
-You will be in charge of creating the bi-weekly / monthly newsletter for the makesense ecosystem in Lebanon

What we are looking for

*Is this job for you? Well, let’s see 🙂 *
More than any specific skills, we are most of all looking for an individual passionate about – and who believes in – the power of citizen engagement, community building and social entrepreneurship! However, these are other skills and qualities that we believe would make an extremely strong candidate and that we’ll be looking for:

🔬Mandatory skills:

  • You are Lebanese and fluent in English and Arabic. French knowledge is a plus.
  • You are proactive, have strong leadership capabilities and the capacity to lead & implement a global strategy: you will be one of the leaders of MakeSense in Lebanon so it’s important that you are able to be independent as at the same time work with the local team in the development of the hub.
  • You already have an experience volunteering or working with volunteers (university clubs, neighborhood, cultural, NGOs, etc) (or as an active volunteer yourself)
  • You have strong organizational and coordination skills: you will have a lot of different types of responsibilities and no boss to organize your priorities, so it is essential to be able to stay organized.
  • You’re passionate about social entrepreneurship and have a good understanding of the sector.
  • Managing projects and organizing events comes second nature for you
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, hold no secrets for you; you master online communication
  • You are interested in Lebanese rural and city development
  • You have design-thinking understanding and business acumen

Language: Trilingual
English: Advanced level for both spoken and written English
Arabic: Comfortable in speaking arabic in front of an audience/ interview
French: Minimum oral understanding required due to the nature of some partnerships (French based or with the French Embassy)

💎 What would make you the special one:

  • You LOVE people.
  • You have been exposed to MENA and/or Pan-Arab people and culture.
  • You are familiar with the 17 Social Development Goals of the UN
  • You understand what a social entrepreneur is
  • You successfully managed projects involving different kinds of players: corporates, public and international institutions, universities organizations…
  • You are comfortable with public speaking: PowerPoint and talks’ best practices have no secret for you
  • You are a lifelong student: you love to learn, test, share, and learn again!
  • You’re autonomous but can easily report and synchronize with others
  • You are a dreamer and a doer !
  • You’ve trained people in your previous jobs and you love sharing your knowledge and empowering others
  • You enjoy going to events and meeting new people
  • You don’t mind working with flexible hours. Lots of events might happen in the evenings or weekends, but on the flip side you’ll have huge autonomy in organizing your work hours, schedules, and location.

Minimum of one year accumulated work experience is strongly recommended

Recruitment Process

We’re excited to read your application! *Please submit your resume and cover letter directly on this website by July 20th. 
The cover letter must answer the following questions:
Why do you want to join the MakeSense employee family?
Why specifically about being a Community Developer makes it the role that fits you the most?
What can you bring to MakeSense?
What do you expect from MakeSense? *

For any questions, please email Léa (

• Start date: September 2018
• Salary + benefits will be discussed but contract will be a full-time, local contract

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Start date: 01 September 2018
  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon (1100)
  • Education Level: Fourth-Year University Level
  • Experience Level: > 1 year
  • Possible remote work

At MakeSense we believe that to solve the social and environmental issues of our time, everyone in society has a role to play. MakeSense exists to be the catalyst that allows each actor to have a positive impact. We release energy and support all actors in society so that collectively they solve the issues that matter to them. MakeSense inspires citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations, trains them and engages them in an international community that builds and supports innovative solutions to our societal challenges. Through this community, we identify the most promising solutions that we accelerate through our incubators and facilitate collaborations to scale these solutions. MakeSense is also an international team of more than 70 full-time staff based in France, Mexico, Senegal, Peru, Lebanon, India and the Philippines. We experiment on a daily basis with new organizational models that put responsibility, autonomy and benevolence at the heart of our interactions. Impact is the fuel of all our actions. We love to learn and share, everywhere and all the time. Like our community, all the challenges we identify turn into solutions built collectively!